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Alan Morton Dershowitz is a professor of Law at Harvard Univ. He admits that he is a close personal friend of Benjamin Netanyahu since 1973.[2]

See how, in 1973, Noam Chomsky exposed Dershowitz as a liar. In 1972, Dershowitz attempted to discredit the chairman of the Israel League for Human Rights, Israel Shahak, who had sharply criticized Israeli treatment towards Palestinians. Shahak was in the process of challenging contested election results for the chairmanship of the league through the Israeli courts. Dershowitz claimed that the judge in the matter, Judge Lovenburg, had ruled that Shahak was properly unseated and challenged anyone to provide evidence to the contrary. In response, Noam Chomsky cited the court documents and claimed the court opined the elections had not been held properly, no conclusions or actions were to be drawn from it, and that Shahak and his colleagues were to continue to function as "those who now direct" the league. The incident created a lasting personal miasma between the intellectuals. Chomsky in recalling the incident in a 1997 book about his life disparaged Dershowitz by calling him a "Stalinist-style thug".

Dershowitz has advocated the use of torture -- see The Professor of Torture: Alan Dershowitz's Mad World.

See this comment, by Zalman Amit, on Dershowitz's behaviour during a debate, on Canadian TV, between him and Michael Lerner. (Apparently, Dershowitz was in Canada on a trip to promote the introduction of ID cards into Canada – interestingly, therefore, this man, an apologist for Zionism, promotes torture and ID cards – a great "civil libertarian", in short.)

See our biography of Fouzi El-Asmar to see how Dershowitz treated him in the 1970s.

In the early 2000s Dershowitz was asked to leave The Last Word radio show on Ireland's Today FM when during a live phone in-link he began verbally abusing journalist Robert Fisk and interrupting attempts by Fisk to speak. The presenter of the show, Eamon Dunphy, previously a fan of Dershowitz, pronounced himself "perplexed" by what he said were Dershowitz's attempts to silence someone he disagreed with. Radio listeners, many of them critics of Fisk, rang the show to complain about Dershowitz's behaviour, accusing him of "bullying" and "bigotry."

In September 2003, shortly after the publication of Dershowitz's The Case for Israel, Norman Finkelstein accused its author of plagiarism, noting that dozens of quotations in that book resembled, without attribution, passages quoted by Joan Peters in her From Time Immemorial — itself a work that Finkelstein and others had criticized, harshly, for poor scholarship.

Comment by Norman G. Finkelstein on 12 August 2006: [1]

It remains to consider Dershowitz's own location on the continuum of civilianality. Israel could not have waged any of its wars of aggression or committed any of its war crimes without the blanket political and military support of the United States. Using his academic pedigree Dershowitz has played a conspicuous, crucial and entirely voluntary public role in rallying such support. He has for decades grossly falsified Israel's human rights record. He has urged the use of collective punishment such as the "automatic destruction" of a Palestinian village after each Palestinian attack. He has covered up Israel's use of torture on Palestinian detainees, and himself advocated the application of "excruciating" torture on suspected terrorists such as a "needle being shoved under the fingernails." He has aligned himself with the Israeli government against courageous Israeli pilots refusing the immorality of targeted assassinations. He has denounced nonviolent resisters to the Israeli occupation as "supporters of Palestinian terrorism." He has dismissed ethnic cleansing as a "fifth-rate issue" akin to "massive urban renewal." He has advised Israel's senior government officials that Israel is not bound by international law. He has now sanctioned the extermination of the Lebanese people.

Francis Boyle reports (10 June 2007):

the infamous Alan Dershowitz, a self-incriminated war criminal in his own right. Dersh publicly acknowledged being a member of a Mossad Committee for approving the murder and assassination of Palestinians, which violates the Geneva Conventions and is thus a grave war crime...

Sue Barlach was his first wife.


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