Donald Macintyre

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Donald MacIntyre has been the Independent's Jerusalem correspondent since 2004. He studied at Christ Church, Oxford, and obtained a post-graduate degree from the Cardiff School of Journalism. MacIntyre has previously written for the Daily Express, The Times, The Sunday Times and was Political Editor of the Sunday Telegraph. Before moving to Jerusalem, he was the Independent's Chief Political Commentator, 1996-2004.

MacIntyre speaks neither Arabic nor Hebrew, and he is based in West Jerusalem.

Other Criticism

Favourable reaction to Macintyre

Reference to MacIntyre's work sent to the PIWP database by MacIntyre himself:

Date: 23 November 2007

Since you have a commitment to accuracy, I am confident you will want to include the following comment from October 2006 by Ramzy Baroud in your Materials Discussing This Entity, in the entry under my name.
If not for the sensitive and perceptive reporting of a few individual journalists such as Amira Hass of the Israeli daily, Haaretz, and Donald Macintyre of the British Independent, the untold suffering of the Palestinian people would have gone completely unnoticed.

PIWP editor: with all due respect to Ramzy Baroud, MacIntyre's reporting has been mostly flawed, mediocre, bereft of empathy for its subject and Israeli-centric. Here are some specific defining characteristics about his reports:

Comments by MacIntyre

The Foreign Policy Centre (FPC) is a "New Labour" think-tank favoring "humanitarian intervention" and it published John Lloyd's Iraq and World Order. About this book MacIntyre stated: "Powerfully outlines the case for systematic intervention in totalitarian-terrorist and failed states".(Source) This would suggest that MacIntyre also favors the FPC stance.

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