Tuvia Oshri

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Tuvia Oshri is an Israeli gangster. Israel Shahak writes: "Tuvia Oshri, long suspected to have been an arch-gangster, until the suspicion was confirmed by a court that saw fit to sentence him to life imprisonment for a murder".

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Notorious criminal Tuvia Oshri, who was friendly with Rehavam Zeevi, told how the latter had asked him to "deal with" Yedioth Ahronot journalist Silvie Keshet who had written about him. At Zeevi's request, Oshri sent members of his gang to place an explosive device outside Keshet's door. What had infuriated Zeevi, according to Uvda, was an article published by Keshet when he was OC Central Command in which she referred to the lion and lioness he kept at his headquarters and how he treated them like circus animals, inviting guests to view them. Oshri also recalled Zeevi saying, during a visit the two paid to an exclusive New York brothel, "My job in life is to eat, make war and fuck."

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