Serene Husseini Shahid

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Serene Husseini Shahid (1920-2008) was born in Jerusalem. With her family she lived in exile in Lebanon. She married Dr. Munib Shahid in 1944 and lived in Beirut.

She was born into the influential Husayni family. Her father was Jamal al-Husayni, her maternal grandfather was Mayor of Jerusalem Faidi al-Alami, and her maternal uncle was Musa al-Alami. She was educated at the American Friends School in Ramallah, later at the American University of Beirut. She married Dr Munib Shahib in 1944 and they settled in Beirut. After 1967 she became involved in starting "cottage industries" among the Palestinian refugees. She worked on embroidery projects for Palestinian women, conducting embroidery workshops on weekdays. At the same time she has written about Palestinian costumes and embroidery and helped arrange exhibitions, including one in the Museum of Mankind in the British Museum in 1991. Her autobiography, Jerusalem Memories, was published in 2000. It has been translated into several languages.

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