Nimrod Novik

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Dr. Nimrod Novik is chairman of the executive board of the Economic Cooperation Foundation. He is a former Middle East envoy for then-prime minister Shimon Peres.

Novik is Senior Vice President of the Merhav Group of Companies where he is responsible for corporate and government relations worldwide as well as for projects in the Middle East. In this latter capacity he was responsible for the development, finance and construction of the $ 1.3 billion MIDOR petroleum refinery in Egypt, the largest Arab-Israeli joint venture today.

Novik also represents Merhav on the Board of Directors of the company-owned channel 10 - Israel's second commercial TV network. Previously, he served as Chief Advisor on Foreign Policy to Mr. Shimon Peres in his capacities as Prime Minister and as Vice Premier & Foreign Minister. Earlier, he was a Senior Research associate at Tel-Aviv University's Center for Strategic Studies and at the Foreign Policy Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

Meir Novik was his father.

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