Steven Plaut

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Steven Plaut (born 1951; BA from Temple University, MA from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ph.D. from Princeton University) is an associate professor teaching Business Administration in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Haifa.

Described by a fellow Israeli academic as

"an extreme right-wing polemicist from Haifa University"

Prof. David Newman has written the following about Plaut[1]:

"In one case, a young political philosopher and human rights campaigner from Ben Gurion University, Dr. Neve Gordon, was accused by an extreme right-wing polemicist from Haifa University, Dr. Stephen Plaut, of being a supporter of Norman Finkelstein, whose book, The Holocaust Industry, led many on the Right to associate him with Holocaust deniers. When Gordon decided to sue him for libel, Plaut subsequently disseminated articles attacking Gordon on the Internet, including on some extreme right-wing Kahanist sites. Morton Klein, the head of the Zionist Organization in America, also weighed in against Gordon by writing to the President and the Rector of Ben Gurion University questioning the continued employment of Gordon and protesing his libel case which, Klein argued, was an intervention in the civil liberties of Plaut because it denied Plaut's right to freedom of expression! Klein's letter included citations and sources taken from extreme right-wing websites including the outlawed Kahane organization.

"Writing under assumed names, Plaut has a long history of attacking, labeling, and targeting left-wing scholars in Israel. One anonymous article appeared under the name of Socrates in the Middle East Review of 2001."

One example of the kind of ad hominem attack that Plaut likes to make is this article, in which he attacks the British journalist Jonathan Cook who is married to a Palestinian citizen of Israel. Bad enough as this kind of rubbish is, it does not stoop quite as far as Plaut sometimes goes to get some hint of the depths, consider the following:

Plaut's spoofing and spamming activities

Messages posted on 13 April 2004 to the ALEF electronic discussion forum (which is based at the University of Haifa) seem to indicate something about Plaut's mentality. These messages, which were posted to ALEF by somebody else and which seem to report on an email conversation that Plaut had with someone who was banned from the ALEF forum for excessive spamming, seem to indicate that Plaut boasted about stealing the ALEF membership list so that messages could be sent to ALEF members without being passed through the ALEF system. Specifically, Plaut seems to have written the following. The typographical errors appeared in the original:

I stoll their membership list. If you want to sen dthings to the whole list, use any email and send to: (via BCC so they do not know what you are doing):
Put the alef address in the header and write (alef) before subject and they will think it is coming thru their list!
He also seemed to be connected with somebody called Rocky who, pretending to be a pro-Zionism Palestinian living in the West Bank, used the pseudonym "Yusuf" to plague the ALEF list with racist emails until he was excluded from the forum. Look at Rocky's description to see how Rocky finally made a mistake which spilled the beans.

Plaut convicted of libelling Neve Gordon
In June 2006, Plaut was convicted of libelling Neve Gordon see this article, this article, this article


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