Laurie Magnus

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Laurie Magnus (1872-1933) ... son of Sir Philip Magnus ... leading member of the anti-Zionist League of British Jews which in October 1919 founded its own newspaper, the Jewish Guardian. The editor, Laurie Magnus, regarded it as a bid to break the monopoly far too long enjoyed by the pro-Zionist Jewish Chronicle and Jewish World under Leopold Greenberg. Magnus made The Jewish Guardian into a widely-respected Jewish journal during the 1920s, mixing Zionist and Jewish nationalist baiting with articles from a variety of communal worthies and, to demonstrate its reach, the best coverage of Jewish-friendly societies.

He married Dora Marian Spielmann, daughter of Sir Isidore Spielmann and Emily Sebag-Montefiore, in 1903.

Laurie Magnus was educated at St. Paul's School, London, England. He was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. He wrote the book A Primer of Wordsworth, published 1897. He wrote the book An Introduction to Poetry, published 1912. He wrote the book The Third Great War in Relation to Modern History, published 1914. He wrote the book General Sketch of European Literature in the Centuries of Romance, published 1918.2 He wrote the book Dictionary of European Literature, published 1926. He wrote the book The Jews in the Christian Era and Their Contribution to its Civilization, published 1929.

In this middle of his life, the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia described him thus:

English author and publisher; son of Sir Philip Magnus; born in London in 1872; educated at Magdalen College, Oxford. He was the Berlin correspondent of the London "Morning Post" (1897-98) and leader-writer for thesame paper. He is now (1904) joint managing director of George Routledge & Sons, Ltd. Magnus has edited a series of "Secondary Education Text-Books" for the publishing-house of John Murray, has published "A Primer of Wordsworth," translated the first volume of "Greek Thinkers" (from the German of Prof. T. Gomperz), and has edited "Prayers from the Poets" and "Flowers of the Cave" (in conjunction with Cecil Headlam). He has written "Aspects of the Jewish Question" (1902), reprinted and enlarged from the "Jewish Quarterly Review."

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