Francis Clark-Lowes

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Francis Clark-Lowes is a "part-time free-lance teacher and translator and a retired counsellor", former Chair of the National PSC, former chairman of the Brighton branch for Palestinian Solidarity, pro-Palestinian activist.

Francis Clark-Lowes
Leaving school at 16, I started work in a locomotive factory in Manchester. Later I went to college and gained a BSc in Sociology. For some years I worked as a civil servant, and then travelled round the world, going as far as Cairo by foot. After that I taught English, mainly in the Middle East, where I lived for over ten years. On my return to Britain I took a masters degree in the Psychology of Therapy and Counselling and I now works as a counsellor. My doctoral dissertation, which was largely biographical work on the early psychoanalyst Wilhelm Stekel, gave me useful insights into human motivation and the psychology of power. I have translated a number of biographical works from German, and helped edit a German autobiography. I have also edited the wartime correspondence of my parents. I started teaching the Background to World News classes in 2004. My interests include auto/biography, human rights, international relations, philosophy, music and walking. (Source)

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