Cordelia Edvardson

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Cordelia Edvardson (her married name) was born in 1929 in Munich. ... She is the daughter of a half-Jewish, half-Catholic mother, Elisabeth Langgasser, who had an adulterous affair with a Jewish father, Hermann Heller (who was killed in Spain in 1933). She survived Theresienstadt Auschwitz before being rescued in the last days of the war. She went to Sweden with Folke Bernadotte's "white buses" after the liberation of Auschwitz; in Sweden she became a journalist.

Her mother's husband was a Catholic and Cordelia grew up in a Catholic household. However, since she had three Jewish grandparents while her siblings had only one, the Nazis treated her as a Jew while they treated her siblings as mischlinge who were safe from the judeocide.

In Sweden, she made a conscious decision to regard herself as as a Jew and when, during the 1970s, she was sent to Israel as a correspondent, she decided to remain there, continuing to write for both the Swedish press and other newspapers around the world. (She has been described as having immigrated to Israel at the age of 42.) In 1997, she was living in Jerusalem, where she was Middle East correspondent for the Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet.

In September 1983, she visited the Ansar camp in southern Lebanon which was run by the Israelis.

At least one bigoted Zionist writer, has said of her: "In several of her articles in Aftenposten and other newspapers, she has compared Israelis to Nazis." (this article)

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