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Dr. Fouzi el-Asmar (1937-2013) was a journalist and political analyst. He was born in Haifa in what was then Palestine. He held both U.S. and Israeli citizenship. He taught (1996) at the American University in Washington D.C. el-Asmar passed away in Washington DC in September 2013.

Fouzi el-Asmar was a friend of the late Israel Shahak When El-Asmar was jailed in 1969 under the emergency defense regulations, with no formal charges pressed against him, Shahak kept in touch and supported him. Later, Shahak visited El-Asmar during the period of Fouzi's house detention. Soon thereafter, Israel Shahak convinced Fouzi, who at that time was not fluent in English, to help his people by accepting an invitation to go on a lecture tour to the United States and explain to Americans the plight of Arabs in Israel.

Ran Greenstein writes (17 May 2004) about how Alan Dershowitz treated EL-Asmar, saying that:

At the time, early 1970s, The main target for [a] vicious campaign led by Dershowitz and other 'liberal' intellectuals was Israel Shahak. He attacked Dershowitz for supporting administrative detention of Palestinians and torture by the Shabak. A notorious case was that of the writer Fawzi al-Asmar, who was visited in detention by Dershowitz, who then went ahead and defended the detention (without charges and trial) on the grounds that al-Asmar was a terrorist (even the Shabak did not accuse him of that). This recounted in Fawzi's 1977 "To be an Arab in Israel" (a must read).

There is thus a straight line between this incident and Dershowitz's current support for torture of 'terrorist' suspects in the US, and between his lies then and now (as exposed by Norman Finkelstein and Alexander Cockburn). That he is regarded in the States as a civil rights lawyer is laughable.

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