Terri Ginsberg

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Dr. Terri Ginsberg is a director at the International Council for Middle East Studies in Washington, D.C. She is the editor of a special issue on media and film of the International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies, and the author of Holocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology.

She received her doctorate in Cinema Studies from New York University.

She taught most recently at North Carolina State University. Previously, she taught in the Jewish Studies Program at Dartmouth College and the Cinema Studies Program at Rutgers University. She has published numerous scholarly texts, including the volume Perspectives on German Cinema (with Kirsten Moana Thompson).

Dr. Ginsberg is a member of the International Jewish Solidarity Network, a growing international network of Jews whose Jewish identities are not based on nationalism but on a plurality of histories and experiences. IJSN is committed to the struggle against the colonization of Palestine and the building of a Zionist Jewish state that began in 1948.

MuzzleWatch reports:

Terri Ginsberg was a visiting film studies professor at North Carolina State University when she was dismissed after sharing views critical of Zionism and the state of Israel. She filed a grievance with the university, which denied her a hearing – three times. So she took her case to the courts. Two lower courts have decided against her, and she is now appealing to the Supreme Court of North Carolina. n the words of an open letter co-sponsored by The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP), the Center for Constitutional Rights, JVP-Westchester and others:

At North Carolina State University, shortly after Dr. Terri Ginsberg made supportive political comments at a screening of a Palestinian film in 2007, she went from being the favored candidate for a tenure-track position to being denied even an interview. Her efforts at redress were summarily rejected by NCSU and two courts.

A jury should be permitted to decide whether NCSU’s real reason for firing Dr. Ginsberg was its hostility to her political views, but this legal right has been denied.

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