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Benjamin Netanyahu is (2018) the Israeli prime minister. His father, Ben-Zion Netanyahu, was Vladimir Jabotinsky 's first political secretary.

In this article, dated 15 October 2010, Gideon Levy comments:
Don't be led astray by pseudo ideas. True, they do not lack loathing, racism and nationalism, but at bottom lies hatred for Arabs. From Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to MK Danny Danon, from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to MK Anastassia Michaeli, from MK Michael Ben Ari to MK Yaakov Katz - all of them are Arab haters, whether openly or not. Most of them have never even met an Arab, but they know everything about them. Not one of them has even begun to think of Arabs as being equal to Jews.

This article, dated 12 January 2018, says:

Netanyahu apparently knew about his son's leaked strip club tape and tried to stop it from being published; the parts that weren't broadcast were far harder to digest


Netanyahu [at yesterday’s cabinet meeting] asked Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked to have her people look into the legality of the leaking of the recording to the press and of whether there might grounds for passing legislation against. That is, to prohibit the secret recording of conversations even if made by one of those involved in the conversation, something that is today completely legal.

Flashback to David Bitan : Three months ago, he announced his intention to introduce precisely such legislation. Just like that. He didn’t say how, why, who. Now it all becomes clear. In Netanyahu’s office, they apparently knew about a recording that was making its way around different editorial offices. They knew, and they tried – fortunately, without success – to stop it.

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