Alexis Ladas

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Alexis Ladas (1920-2000) ... as a member of the Greek resistance movement he was captured by the Italians and spent two years in gaol[1] ... political officer at UN mission in Jerusalem in mid-1950s ... succeeded John Gaillard as UNCCP Liaison officer in Jerusalem in January 1954, ... in 1955, he married Theamaria Ackermann Husayni, the widow of Musa Husayni, whom the Jordanians had executed for complicity in the murder of King Abdullah ... Ladas was the brother of Marina Sulzberger, the Greek wife of C. L. Sulzberger

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C. L. Sulzberger   • Musa Abdullah el-Husseini   • Marina Sulzberger   • Theamaria Ackermann Husseini

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