Nadav Ha’etzni

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Gideon Levy comments (7 August 2016):

If the media is leftist, why are they only lashing out at Haaretz? The reservists want a media in which the army is above all suspicion and the military correspondents parrot press releases, a press that wallows in a sense of Israeli victimhood ad nauseam and entirely obscures the other victim.

Of course, that’s not a courageous or left-wing press. This dance is meant only to perpetuate the status quo. The right shouts Leftists! in order to extort more right-wingers – not only Channel 2’s Roni Daniel, but also right-wing lawyer and commentator Nadav Haetzni. At the same time, the media shouts Freedom! in order to portray itself as a freedom fighter.

If that were really the case, things would be very different.

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