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Anastasia Michaeli (1975-) is (2009) a Yisrael Beitenu MK - she is also a Russian national. Uri Avnery writes about her[1]:

Anastasia Michaeli was born in (then) Leningrad. She was elected “Miss St. Petersburg” and then became a fashion model, married an Israeli, converted to Judaism, immigrated to Israel at age 24 but sticks to her very Russian first name. She has given birth to eight children. She may be a candidate for the Israeli Sarah Palin, who, after all, was also once a beauty queen.

Uri Avnery reports:[2]

Kahane himself was elected to the Knesset only once. Whenever he rose to speak, most of the other MKs left the hall. By contrast, Ben-Ari, as I discovered when I visited the Knesset a few weeks ago, holds sway there. Members of almost every faction crowd around him in the cafeteria, listening to his perorations with rapt attention. No doubt can remain that Kahanism has moved from the margin to centre stage. Consider the reaction to Hanin Zoabi of the Arab nationalist Balad party ('Homeland') when she tried to explain why she had joined the Gaza aid flotilla that had been attacked by the Israeli navy. Anastassia Michaeli, a member of Avigdor Lieberman's party, jumped from her seat and rushed to the rostrum, letting out blood-curdling shrieks, waving her arms, in order to remove Zoabi by force. Other members rose from their seats to help Michaeli. Only with great difficulty did the ushers succeed in protecting Zoabi from physical harm. 'Go to Gaza and see what they do to a 41-year-old unmarried woman!' one male MK shouted at her.
Zoabi belongs to a large, extended family whose roots in Nazareth go back centuries. Michaeli was born in what was then Leningrad. She was elected Miss St Petersburg and then became a fashion model. She married an Israeli, converted to Judaism and immigrated to Israel. As far as I could tell, not a single Jewish MK raised a finger to defend Zoabi.

Gideon Levy comments:[3]

Don't be led astray by pseudo ideas. True, they do not lack loathing, racism and nationalism, but at bottom lies hatred for Arabs. From Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to MK Danny Danon, from Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to MK Anastassia Michaeli, from MK Michael Ben Ari to MK Yaakov Katz - all of them are Arab haters, whether openly or not. Most of them have never even met an Arab, but they know everything about them. Not one of them has even begun to think of Arabs as being equal to Jews.

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