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Ze’ev Friedman (2)

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  • Zambish Hever
  • Ze’ev Hever
  • Zeev Hever
  • זאב חבר
  • זמביש חבר
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Ze'ev Hever (1954-), better known as Zambish, is the secretary-general of Amana.

Hever is a settler activist and convicted terrorist. Under his original name, Ze'ev Friedman, he was convicted of trying to plant a bomb under the car of, Dr. Ahmad Natshe, a Palestinian leader[1][2] - he was arrested on 1984 and later convicted in a plea bargain of an attempt to cause injury; beecause his alleged health problems he was sentenced to only 11 months in prison.

For many years (since before 2002), he has been head of the Amana settlement movement. He is also one of the heads of the Yesha Council, the organization of Israeli settlers in the OPT.

In 2013, Gideon Levy calls Amana "a state-sponsored real-estate mafia"[3]. In 2002, Azmi Bishara said that

"Hever leads a movement that is controversial even by Israeli standards, his tactics being to set up a couple of trailers on Palestinian hilltops, declare them to be Israeli settlements, and later expand outwards onto further Arab land."[4]

Chaim Levinson reports (13 May 2013):[5]

Don't hold your breath waiting for the new homes to be razed. They are being built by Amana, a cooperative society headed by the legendary Ze'ev ('Zambish') Hever, 59, one of the leaders of the settlement enterprise in the territories and a member of the Jewish Underground, a militant terrorist organization that operated in the West Bank in the 1980s. The homes in Mitzpeh Danny are being built according to one of Amana's three basic models: When you're building the Land of Israel, you don't get caught up in architectural niceties.

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