Usama R. Halabi

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Usama R. Halabi (1959-), born in Daliyat al-Karmel, has been a Law Researcher and Advocate in Jerusalem since 1987. He was (1992) was (1992) a staff lawyer at the Quaker Legal Aid and Information Center in East Jerusalem but has been in private practice since 1996. He serves on the Board of Adalah and was a founding member of the ‘Arab Cultural Association’ in Nazareth, where he served on the Board until 2001.

Mr. Halabi received his Law degree from Hebrew University. He holds an MA in Law specializing in national discrimination in Israeli law and a second MA in International Legal Studies from American University in Washington, DC. His research focuses on constitutional and administrative law, planning law and land expropriation. His published work deals with the legal jurisdictional status of Jerusalem, Israeli practice in the West Bank and Gaza, and the status and rights of the Arab minority in Israel. In addition to seven published books, he is the author of numerous articles in professional journals and local and international newspapers. His most recent book is entitled, "Limits of a Place in Human Existence: Two Dimensions, Geography and Demography in Israel’s East Jerusalem Policy Between 1967–2000" (Jerusalem, Jerusalem Association for Legal Aid and Human Rights, 2001).

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