Edward J. (‘Ned’) Temko

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Ned Temko (1952-), an American and former war correspondent, is (2006) Chief Political Correspondent for the Observer. In 1990-2005, he edited the Jewish Chronicle; during his tenure the paper was named weekly newspaper of the year in 2003. He has also been a foreign correspondent for the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor and later for its television news programme. Temko is the author of To Win or To Die (biography of the Israeli PM Menachem Begin, 1987).

Born in Washington DC, Temko joined the Jewish Chronicle in 1990 after a stint as a news agency foreign correspondent. He covered the Lebanese civil war, the revolution and the US Embassy hostage crises in Iran, was a correspondent in Beirut and Moscow and reported on the release of Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

Mr Temko criticised remarks made by Cherie Blair in 2002 about Palestinian suicide bombers and in 2003 condemned comments made by Labour MP Tam Dalyell about Tony Blair's "cabal of Jewish advisors".

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