Sergeiy Sandler

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Sergeiy Sandler (1975-) is a member of New Profile and War Resisters' International. In his statement supporting his campaign for election to the WRI Council in 2006, he described himself thus:

"I was born in 1975 in the USSR, and have immigrated to Israel with my mother when I was six. In 1994 I refused to perform military service, and have spent time in prison before being discharged. I have also joined the Israeli section of WRI (run by the late Toma Sik). In 1996 I was among the founders of the Association of Conscientious Objectors in Israel. Since 1999 I am active in the Israeli antimilitarist movement New Profile (which has recently become a WRI associate). Among other activities, I have initiated in 2001 the establishment of New Profile's Counselling Network, which today directly assists some 5%-10% of all draft avoiders in Israel, on whatever grounds, and practically all declared COs. Since 2002 I have also been on WRI Council, and since 2004 - on the Triennial Committee. As for my priorities within WRI - I have been involved in CO work, and will continue to do so. A special focus for me, as it is for New Profile, is the issue of women COs. Naturally, I will also work to strengthen cooperation between WRI and Israeli groups."

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