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Dan Tolkovsky (1921-), born in Palestine, ... entered the military in 1943, when the Royal Air Force sent a Jewish unit from Palestine to train at a flight school in Southern Rhodesia. Tolkovsky was the first in his group to complete the course, and went on to serve as a fighter pilot and later in aircraft reconnaissance in Greece during World War II. ... then served in Sherut Avir ... later, 1955-58, was commander of the Israeli Air Force ... then served in various posts related to the Israeli nuclear project ... member of the IAEC.

... head of the VC unit of Bank Discount Education: B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from Imperial College, London. Currently (1990) a Partner in Tolkowsky Associates, an investment management group in Tel Aviv. Prior to the company's formation, he was the managing director of DIC, the main investment arm of the Israel Discount Bankholding Corp., which he joined in 1959. Tolkowsky was Commander of the Israel Air Force from 1953 to 1958 and is a Major-General (Reserve). He has been involved in the early-stage financing and support of Bio- Technology General, Daisy Systems, Elbit Computers, Elron Electronic Industries, Elscint ... member of the Ciechanover commission

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