Jewish Fast for Gaza - Ta’anit Tzedeck

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Jewish Fast for Gaza - Ta'anit Tzedeck is (2009) an initiative that seeks to end the Jewish community's silence over Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza. Initiated by Rabbis Brant Rosen and Brian Walt, Ta'anit Tzedek began with a commitment by a minyan ("quorum") of rabbis to engage in a fast in order to support relief efforts, to call for a lifting of Israel's blockade of Gaza and to support all efforts toward a substantive resolution to this dire humanitarian crisis. Ta'anit Tzedek is supported by a growing number of rabbis, interfaith leaders, and individuals from a variety of faith traditions. They invite all people of conscience to join them in this effort. Ta'anit Tzedek is an ad-hoc initiative and is not affiliated with any specific organization or institution.

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