Sursuq (Sursock/Sursuk) family

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Sursuq family ... members included Yvonne Sursock Cochrane, Dimitri Sursock, Nicholas Sursock, Victor Sursuk, Nicolas Sursuq, Albert Sursuq, Alexander Sursuq, George Sursuq, Jabran Sursuq, Michel Ibrahim Sursuq, Najeeb Sursuq, Alfred Sursuq, Elias Sursuq, Musa Sursuq, Isabelle Sursock Nicholas Sursock Mitri Sursuq

This article says that Mitri Sursuq had seven sons (Nicholas, Musa, Khalil, Ibrahim, Joseph and George) and two daughters (Clemence and Mariana). The author believes that his son Nicholas was the Nicholas Sursock who headed Nicolas Sursock et freres

Musa Sursock was a brother of Nicholas Sursock. His sons were George, Michel, and Alfred; his daughters were Malvina, Labiba, Rosa, Mariam, and Isabelle.

Alfred was appointed to the post of secretary at the Ottoman embassy in Paris in 1905; he moved in the titled circles of Europe and married Maria Serra di Cassano, from an old Italian princely family. Their daughter Yvonne eventually became Lady Cochrane. Alfred's first cousin Nicolas Sursuq married Alfred's sister-in-law; Nicolas' eldest sister married Marchese Alberto Theodoli, and his youngest married the head of the Colonna family.

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