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Meir Har-Zion (1934-2014) was Israel's best known commando fighter, the real fighter in Ariel Sharon's Unit 101, famous for its war crimes in Qibya and elsewhere and the first commander of the paratrooper unit, Sayeret Matkal.

At Unit 101 reunions, members retell the story over and over, Meir Har-Zion did the fighting and was the "best" fighter in the Unit, while Sharon did the publicity for the Unit, shunting Har-Zion's exploits aside. Meir Har Zion greatly resented this fact.

Gravely wounded in a later action. Har-Zion would be discharged from the IDF and build a home on a remote hilltop and primarily keep to himself and avoid the limelight which Sharon and other "chocolate generals", as Har Zion sarcastically call most Israeli generals.

Israel Shahak reports (27 November 1974):[1]

Jewish Terrorism?
I condemn and oppose all terrorism. I have condemned in the firmest way every Palestinian act of terrorism, and I have done so in particular when in front of a public which sympathizes with the Palestinians. But unlike hypocrites, I really condemn all terror. Not only terror directed against Jews, but also terror committed by Jews and directed against Arabs. So as to save time, I shall not speak of the terrorism of all the Jewish underground organizations under the Mandate; I shall start with the existence of the state of Israel. It seems to me that it would be hard to find a man more worthy of the name of terrorist than Meir Har-Zion. In his diaries and in the many interviews with him in the Israeli press, that man revealed not only what an assassin he was, but also how much he enjoyed – purely and simply enjoyed – murder. How much he enjoys killing an Arab, particularly with a knife, because he can then feel that he is a "male." [See Haaretz Weekly Supplement, November 9, 1969.] He asks of his commander the permission to kill an unarmed Arab shepherd, precisely with a knife, and then describes with sadistic enjoyment the way his comrade holds him, while Har-Zion plunges the knife in his back, "and the blood splashes from the wound" [See Meir Har-Zion Diaries]. Are we in need of further description of Har-Zion's deeds which appear in Moshe Sharett's diary? (See Maariv, June 28, 1974.] Sharett tells how Har-Zion, with a group of terrorists like him, went across the borders of Israel, got a hold of six Arabs, and killed, with a knife, five of them. He felled them one after the other, while the others watched; he left the sixth one alive so that he could tell . . . That man is considered a national hero by the majority of Israeli Jews. That man was praised and was presented as a model to the youth by the defense minister of Israel and the general in charge of the southern command (Moshe Dayan and Arik Sharon). No protest was raised against that "model", not even among many people who talk of peace!

Amos Elon, the celebrated Israeli author, wrote on Har-Zion:[2]

Without much talk, he killed Arab soldiers, farmers and city-dwellers, with a rage deprived of hate, always cool and completely efficient, just doing a job and doing it well, three or four times a week, for months.

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