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The Middle East Forum (MEF) is a controversial Philadelphia-based policy institute founded by Daniel Pipes that employs extremist rhetoric regarding Islam and attacks academics who disagree with its militaristic views on Israeli security and Middle East politics. MEF promotes its agenda through a number of programs, including Campus Watch, Islamist Watch, and the quasi-academic Middle East Quarterly journal.
Claiming to advocate “American interests in the Middle East and protect Western values from Middle Eastern threats," MEF aims to “to defeat radical Islam; work for Palestinian acceptance of Israel; develop strategies to contain Iran; and deal with the great advances of anarchy.” The group works to "combat lawful Islamism" and to protect "the freedom of public speech of anti-Islamist" figures. Pipes has said that MEF also focuses “heavily on Middle Easterners living in the West” in order to “contribute to an understanding of these new populations and the issues they raise.”


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