Ben-Zion (‘Giora’) Cohen

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Ben-Zion ('Giora') Cohen (1927-), a member of the Irgun Zeva'i Le'umi, participated in the April 1947 massacre at Deir Yassin.

In 1943, Cohen, born in Jerusalem, volunteered for the Jewish Settlement Police and a year later joined the British army. He served in the naval commandos and took part in World War Two fighting.

On demobilization in 1946, Cohen joined the Irgun. He took part in actions against the British. Cohen commanded the Irgun attackers at Deir Yassin, where the inhabitants of the village were massacred, and served as deputy commander in the capture of Malha.

After the Irgun was dissolved, in September 1948, Cohen joined the IDF and reached the rank of Major.

In the 1960s, Cohen engaged in immigration activity, first as director of the Jewish Agency's immigration section in Turkey and later, on behalf of the Mossad, was connected to the immigration of Moroccan Jewry.

On returning to Israel, Cohen participated in various security projects within the framework of Raphael (The Authority for Development of Weapons).

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