Pete Seeger

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Pete Seeger was a famous and popular musician, popularizing American folk songs, and generally on the left/pro-civil rights/anti-war. He performed many of the classic militant popular songs. But also: " the communist-leaning Pete Seeger and The Weavers made the rather militaristic and sexist Israeli song, 'Tzena, Tzena,' number two on the Billboard hit charts in 1951" (Source ).

Seeger was born in Manhattan. His Yankee-Protestant family, which Seeger called "enormously Christian, in the Puritan, Calvinist New England tradition", traced its genealogy back over 200 years. A paternal ancestor, Karl Ludwig Seeger, a physician from Württemberg, Germany, had emigrated to America during the American Revolution and married into an old New England family in the 1780s. His father, the Harvard-trained composer and musicologist Charles Seeger, was born in Mexico City to American parents. His mother, Constance de Clyver (née Edson), raised in Tunisia and trained at the Paris Conservatory of Music, was a concert violinist and later a teacher at the Juilliard School. In 1912, Charles Seeger was hired to establish the music department at the University of California, Berkeley, but was forced to resign in 1918 because of his outspoken pacifism during World War I. Charles and Constance moved back east.

His uncle was Alan Seeger, the poet who died in WWI. Alan wrote: I have a rendevouz with death, and influential poem and a favorite of JFK.

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