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Prisoner X

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Prisoner X was a male prisoner in Ayalon Prison whose alleged suicide there in mid-December 2010 was reported shortly afterwards, although the very existence of this prisoner would neither be denied nor confirmed by Israel.

Hypotheses regarding the identity of this person

  1. Shortly after his death, it was reported that this person was an Iranian named Ali Reza Asgari.
  2. On 12 February 2013, it was reported by the Australian Broadcasting Commission that he was an Australian called Ben Zygier who had migrated to Israel in 2000 and, it was also alleged, had become a Mossad agent[1].

Latest consensus regarding the identity of this person

Late on 13 February 2013, this article on the website of The Telegraph said

Israel was tonight forced to make a public admission of the secret jailing and mysterious death of "Prisoner X", believed to be an Australian-born Mossad agent, as the strict censorship around the case began to crack. A statement from the Justice Ministry said the man, identified by Australian television as Ben Zygier, 34, had been "imprisoned according to a court order" and that his full rights were "retained".
Richard Silverstein has suggested[2] that the notion of Prisoner X being Asgari was planted by Israeli agents in order to deflect attention from the truth.

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