Friedrich (Federico) Schwend

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Friedrich Schwend (1906-1980) ... born in Bocklingen ... In the 1920s, Schwend was an arms dealer. He married the niece of the Minister of Exterior, Baron von Neurath. Through his wife’s family connections he managed to be appointed as the personal administrator of the extremely wealthy Bunge family. In the 1930s, Schwend was working from New York managing the investments of Bunge & Born. ... in the late 1930s lived in Abbazia, Italy, ... involved in Operation Bernhard during WW2 ... Schwend was brought into Bureau IV as paymaster of the money-laundering end of the Operation Andreas/Bernhard scheme. At this point he was given a false identification as Major Wendig, a legal officer of the Gestapo and a member of the tank corps. In September 1943, Schwend started setting up his network and requested Colonel Josef Spacil to maintain the bookkeeping aspects of the operation. The same Colonel Spacil that was involved in funding Skorzeny. Operation Bernhard is limited to this scheme of private enrichment. Schwend was skimming a third of the counterfeit notes for this group. ... arrested in Munich in 1945 ... released ... started new life in Peru where he was said to be involved in business dealings with Klaus Barbie and Josef Mengele. On 4th July 1976 Schwend arrived in Bonn having been deported from Peru. He was arrested and handed over to the Munich judicial authorities to face trial for the alleged murder of Teofilio Kamber, one of his agents in Italy, ... In June 1979 Schwend was sentenced to a two year suspended sentence and deported back to Peru where he died the following year.

His main associates in 'Operation Bernhard' were Louis Glavan, George Gyssling, Alfons Niederwieser and George Spitz. Jaac van Harten also worked for him.

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