Said K. Aburish

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Said Khalil Aburish (1935-2012) is a Palestinian writer and journalist who, towards the end of his life, lived in London. He is descended from a family which lived in the village of Bethany, outside Jerusalem.

He is a son of Mohammed Khalil Aburish, who worked in Beirut for TIME from 1952 until his retirement in 1989.

Adam Shatz reports (1 May 2014):

Patrick Seale attended Balliol and St. Antony's College, Oxford, but his imagination never wandered too far, or for too long, from Syria. An abiding attachment had been formed in his childhood, along with an enduring fascination with the men from the rural hinterlands who rose to power after independence, waving the banner of Arab unity. After his studies with Albert Hourani at St. Antony's, he moved in 1963 to Beirut, where he befriended Philby. (Philby later claimed that Seale worked for MI6, which Seale denied.) It was the Mad Men era of Middle East reporting, a time of high living and high-stakes intrigue. The "Arab cold war" was at its height, and there was no better, or more pleasurable, listening post for a foreign correspondent than Beirut. The correspondent's calendar was marked by revolutionary conspiracies; many were first reported as rumors, sometimes overheard at the bar of the St. George Hotel, where spies, arms dealers, diplomats and other adventurers gathered at the end of the day. (These soirées were later the subject of a charming little book, sadly out of print, by the Palestinian journalist Said Aburish, The St. George Hotel Bar.) Seale flourished in this ambience.

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