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Kristofer Petersen-Overton is a doctoral student entering his fourth semester of studies at the CUNY Graduate Center

Kristofer Petersen-Overton ... Brooklyn College officials announced on 31 January 2011 that they had re-hired adjunct professor Kristofer Petersen-Overton after dismissing him the previous week for an alleged lack of experience, a move that set off a fiery discussion on academic freedom. On Jan. 27, Petersen-Overton was told that he lacked the requisite qualifications to teach a master's course entitled Politics of the Middle East. But Petersen-Overton and his supporters suspected that the discharge was linked to New York State Assemblyman and Brooklyn College graduate Dov Hikind's denouncement of his left-leaning politics, submitted to the school shortly before the adjunct was let go.
The incident prompted widespread censure of the college, with students and professors rallying behind Petersen-Overton and calling his dismissal an affront to academic freedom.

Petersen wrote earlier under "Kris Petersen" and this was his previous blurb:

Kris Petersen is a graduate student currently (2007) conducting research in the Gaza Strip. He runs a news/commentary blog at

the's biography:

Kris Petersen editor/webmaster While Kris can usually be found huddled in various Danish dives, he is currently conducting field research for his Masters thesis in the Gaza Strip. After leaving Gaza this December, he expects to face the arduous task of condensing hundreds of hours of interviews into an analysis of the national-symbolic role of martyrdom in Palestine. Excerpts from some of these interviews have been published on

Prior to graduate research, Kris completed a BA in political science at San Diego State University. A truncated version of his undergraduate thesis, "Security or Demography? The West Bank Barrier as a Demographic Tool", was recently published in Studium.

With, Kris attempts to combine academic with nonacademic interests-most prominently, international politics, political theory, philosophy, contemporary literature and music. Although usually busy with multiple projects, Kris' writing has been spotted in local San Diego publications as well as numerous websites and online forums.


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