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Yasser Abbas is a son of Mahmoud Abbas and co-owner (2004), with his brother, Tariq, of Sky, the largest media company in the territories.

Clayton Swisher reports (16 June 2016):

Nor is Tareq the only multimillionaire in the Abbas family. The president's eldest living son, Yasser, made his fortunes from, among other things, the monopoly sale of US-made cigarettes in the occupied territories, offering Lucky Strikes and other carcinogens to Palestine's tobacco-addicted.
Which must leave Palestinians wondering: are their financial blessings merely the result of being "Grade A businessmen", as Yasser once famously remarked?
The brothers Abbas enjoy a personal wealth that eludes nearly all their compatriots. Average Palestinians could hardly be faulted for questioning whether Papa President played a part. (Attorneys for Yasser claim the reverse is true - that "politics often affects the business of Mr Abbas negatively".)

This December 2016 article says:

Fatah officials claimed that [Mahmoud] Abbas wasn’t personally involved in the selection process, so, for example, he wasn’t the one who nominated his two sons, Tarek and Yasser. But the marginalized veteran Fatah member added that the problem wasn’t the senior positions of some family members – this was always the case in Fatah – but the blurring of the vision by inserting personal interests.

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