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In his report into the Liam Fox scandal, Sir Gus O'Donnell said Adam Werritty told him that Pargav was "a not-for-profit organisation which has supported his work in the Middle East ... Dr Fox facilitated an introduction between Mr Werritty and a donor. The links between Dr Fox and Mr Werritty mean donations given to Mr Werritty could at least be seen as giving rise to the perception of a conflict of interest."[1]

Rupert Neate reports:[2]

Those who had paid money to Werritty's company, Pargav Ltd, included a corporate intelligence company with alleged close links to Sri Lanka, a property investor who lobbies for Israel and a venture capitalist.

The money, according to the donors, was supposed to help foster peace initiatives. In the process, it paid for five-star hotels and first-class travel for Werritty. And at some of the destinations, he had met Fox in the company of heads of state and foreign generals.

The disclosures of a money trail and further undeclared meetings were, it seems, to prove crucial in the decision by Fox to stand down.

It emerged on Friday that Werritty was the hidden hand behind Pargav Ltd, a not-for-profit company. According to the Times, six different financial entities had paid £147,000 – up to £35,000 each – to the company since October last year. The entities include Tamares Real Estate, an investment company owned by Poju Zabludowicz, a Tory donor who is also the chairman of and major donor to Bicom, an organisation that lobbies on behalf of Israel.


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