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Fadi Qar’an

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  • Fadi Quran
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Fadi Qar'an is a Palestinian activist from al-Bireh.

Ali Abunimah reports (26 May 2014):[1]

PA police officers and men in civilian clothes attacked and arrested the four BDS activists during a peaceful protest in Al-Qasaba Theatre in Ramallah on 12 April 2014. The four men, Zaid Shuaibi, Fajr Harb, Fadi Quran and Abd al-Fatah Hamayel, were detained in the police station in downtown Ramallah where they were allegedly subjected to ill-treatment.

Zaid Shuaibi told Amnesty International that he and his fellow activists entered the theatre to hold a peaceful protest against a show by a dance group which had performed in Israel the previous day. They said that, before the show began, Zaid Shuaibi stood up and expressed his opinion, and that of his fellow activists from the BDS movement, by explaining why they were against the show. Zaid Shuaibi told Amnesty International that he did not call for any action to be taken against the show nor did he insult anyone, but simply expressed his opinion that the performance violated the cultural boycott of Israel.

Minutes after Zaid Shuaibi spoke, he was approached by a few men in civilian clothes, one of whom, according to Zaid Shuaibi and another witness standing very close by, ordered Zaid Shuaibi and his fellow activists to keep quiet and leave the theatre, threatening to beat him up if they did not do so. The men in civilian clothes did not identify themselves or present Zaid Shuaibi with any indication that they were law enforcement officers. Not knowing who they were, Zaid Shuaibi did not obey the order. Subsequently, when a uniformed policeman asked him to leave the theatre, he did so without resistance. Despite this, the policeman grabbed Zaid Shuaibi by his neck in a violent manner and one of the men in the civilian clothes punched him on the back of the head.

Zaid Shuaibi told Amnesty International that, as soon as he was out of sight of the crowd and cameras in the theatre, the men in civilian clothes, as well as police officers, began to beat him up and continued to do so until he was put into a police car outside the theatre. Fajr Harb, Fadi Quran and Abd al-Fatah Hamayel were arrested for protesting against the beating of Zaid Shuaibi and were put in the same police vehicle as him.

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