Abdel Razak Abdel-Kader

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Abdel-Razak Abdel-Kader (1914-), born in Damascus, was a descendant of the 19th-century Algerian resistance leader Abdelkader El Djezairi who had died in exile in Ottoman-ruled Syria.

Abdel-Razak Abdel-Kader favoured Israeli-Arab reconciliation in the 1960s and was the subject of a controversy during the preparation of this special issue of Les Temps Modernes

In 1964, the Near East report referred to him as follows:

He is Abdel Razak Abdel-Kader, who was leader of the opposition to the existing Algerian government. He now lives in Paris in exile but hopes to return to Algiers.

In Israel: a colonial-settler state?, Maxime Rodinson wrote:

One of the most extreme representatives of this view has been Abdel-Razak Abdel-Kader (a descendant of the great Algerian emir), an Arab who converted to Zionism and whose work, published by Francois Maspero, has been enthusiastically ...

In this document, it is written that he actually asked to to join the Palmach in 1947:

Abdel Razak Abdel-Kader è un discendente del grande emiro algerino di cui porta il nome. È nato a Damasco nel 1914, ha vissuto dapprima in Siria e Libano. Durante la seconda guerra mondiale si arruolò nelle forze francesi di liberazione contro il governo di Vichy. Nel 1947 chiese di far parte del Palmach (esercito clandestino ebraico in Palestina).

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