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Muhammad Saba'aneh, from Qabatiya near Jenin, is a well-known Palestinian cartoonist. Maan News: "Saba'aneh's cartoons are widespread in the Arab world. He is well-known for his criticism through his cartoons, which focus mainly on the Palestinian people's problems and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

Maan reports: "Israeli forces detained Saba'aneh, 30, at the Allenby Bridge crossing between Jordan and the West Bank on Feb. 16, without providing any explanation."

Athar Saba'aneh, his wife, stated that she believed her husband was detained because he recently published cartoons focusing on hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners in Israel's custody.

Richard Silverstein reports:

Sabaneh drawing Mohammad Saba'aneh, a cartoonist whose graphic work appears in Al-Hayyat al-Jedidah. He was arrested by the IDF on his return from Jordan. Though the charges are as usual opaque, he's believed to have offered assistance to an unspecified "enemy" organization. Look at these cartoons and you'll get a sense of how dangerous Sabaaneh is and why. His danger is posed by the pen, which the Israel national security state fears as much as the gun or the bomb.

On 8 April 2013, an Israeli court sentenced him to five months in jail and ordered him to pay a 10,000 shekel fine. He was finally released on 2 July 2013.


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