Wadi’a Mawadeh

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Stills from the arrest of Wadi' Maswadeh, aged 5
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Wadi'a Maswadeh, born on 24 September 2007, was detained by the Israeli army in Hebron on 9 July 2013, when he was just 5 years-old, after he purportedly threw a stone.

JOHN LYONS reports (10 February 2014):[1]

JOHN LYONS: Last July one case shocked many. On the streets of Hebron five-year-old Wadi'a Mawadeh was picked up by soldiers. An Israeli settler had claimed that he had thrown a stone at him. His friend tried to help.

DIA QAFEESHEH, WADI'A'S FRIEND: I kept holding his hand but the soldiers pulled him away from me and pushed me against the door. (Wadi'a crying as he is led to soldiers car)

DIA QAFEESHEH: I said 'Don't be scared, I'm with you.' He was hugging me from fear. I was upset, I had tears in my eyes but stopped myself from crying and kept holding him and hugging him.

WADI'A MAWADEH: I was playing and then a car came. The man said I threw a stone at the car. The Jewish man went and told them I threw a stone at him.

JOHN LYONS: The boy is taken by six soldiers. He was released after two hours. One settler, making one allegation, is able to activate this level of military intervention against a five-year-old. When his father intervenes, he is blindfolded.

SHAUQI MAWADEH, WADI'A'S UNCLE: Even though they all know us, they know we are residents of this area. They do this because this is their way of forcing us away. That's their work.

JOHN LYONS: [Talking to Wadi'a] When you see an Israeli soldier in the street what do you think?

WADI'A MASWADEH: I'm scared of them.

JOHN LYONS: And what happened when they took you to the van? What happened?

WADI'A MASWADEH: I was crying.

JOHN LYONS: For five-year-old Wadi'a Mawadeh and his friend Dia Qafeesheh there seems little hope. Do you feel safer in your home in bed at night?

WADI'A MAWADEH: I feel scared.

JOHN LYONS: Do you want to stay living in Hebron?

WADI'A MAWADEH: I want to leave.

JOHN LYONS: You want to leave? Where do you want go to?


DIA QAFEESHEH: All they want are the houses. An officer held me and told me 'Five years and you'll be out of the houses. Your houses have been sold. You have no houses.'

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