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Chaim Levinson reports (15 July 2013):[1]

Al-Watan is registered in the West Bank because under Jordanian law only a local company can buy land in the territory; Jordan ruled the West Bank from 1948 to 1967. Al-Watan had already been involved in another forged deal to buy land in the Migron settlement.
A police investigation found that the Torah institute transaction never occurred, but the case was closed because the police could not prove who forged what.
The company Binyanei Bar Amana controls 80 percent of Al-Watan. In turn, Binyanei Bar Amana is a subsidiary of the Amana cooperative society, a settlement agency in the West Bank. Amana is headed by Ze'ev "Zambish" Hever. The Mateh Binyamin Development Company, a subsidiary of the regional council, and a privately owned firm own the remaining 20 percent in Al-Watan.
After the takeover of the home, Al-Watan applied in 2003 to the IDF's Civil Administration to have the land registered in its name. The Civil Administration rejected the request after finding problems in the documents.
Al-Watan petitioned the district court in 2008 to order the Civil Administration to complete the registration process. The company claimed that five family members had presented a will to a notary and sold the land.

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