Chaim Margalioth Kalvarisky

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Chaim Margalioth Kalvaryski (1868-1947) ...

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"Herbert Samuel, the first British High Commissioner of Palestine, inaugurated British civilian rule under the auspices of the British Colonial Office in July 1920. One month later, he appointed a three-member Land Commission to assess state land in Palestine, make recommendations for its use, and identify land available for 'closer settlement, by which is meant the more intensive cultivation of the soil by a larger agricultural population.' The Commission included one Jewish representative (Haim Kalvarisky, a senior, European-born PJCA official who settled in the Galilee in the mid-1890s) and one Arab representative (Feidi al-'Alami, a notable from a leading Jerusalem family and a former Jerusalem mayor). It was chaired by Albert Abramson, a senior British officer who would later serve as Palestine's second Commissioner of Lands. In early autumn, Abramson and al-'Alami traveled by train to the Jewish settlement of Zikhron Ya'akov (located in the hills northeast of Zor al-Zarqa) and rode through Zor al-Zarqa and Barrat Qisarya on horseback in order to survey the area. Abramson later recalled: 'We interviewed a number of negro families in the swamps who pointed out to us a few buffaloes which they stated was all they possessed and who were grazing in the swamp.' He also learned that these families used reeds from the marsh for a basket industry and reclaimed somemarshland for growing vegetables and that Bedouin were growing cereal crops on the edge of the sand dunes."

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