Pierre Omidyar

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Pierre Morad Omidyar (b: 21 June 1967) is a French-born Iranian American entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is the founder and chairman of the eBay auction site. He became a billionaire at the age of 31 with eBay's 1998 Initial Public Offering (IPO). Omidyar created a investigative journalism venture with Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill.

Jeff Blankfort reports (1 March 2014):

A site that I am unfamiliar with, Pando, has an interesting article today, revealing the fact that Mr. Pierre Omidyar, the financial backer of the new journalistic website, The Intercept, has been a major funder of the Ukranian opposition.

He is the one who hired Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and some other investigative journalists who have now gone into a "defense" mode, attacking the messenger, particularly so, Glenn Greenwald who says he has no interest in the political background of the man who is paying him.

True to the name of his blog, The Intercept, Greenwald "intercepted" two comments I made on the site, questioning his lack of curiosity about Omidyar's background, despite the information not being a secret, by his own admission.

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