Andrew Tisch

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Alex Kane reports (25 October 2013):[1]

In late July and early August, a newly formed Super PAC called the Mobilization Fund dropped $532,000 in cash on Booker. The money was used for the "pro-Booker ground game – canvassing operations, literature and telephone calls," according to the Center for Public Integrity's Adam Wollner.

According to tax records I reviewed the Mobilization Fund only has six donors. They are all hedge fund leaders or corporate CEOs, and 4 of the 6 are big on Israel. Here they are:...

Both Tisches and Fux also gave directly to Booker 's Senate campaign in addition to another pro-Booker PAC. Michael Steinhardt, another pro-Israel hedge funder who gives lots of money to Birthright, spent $5,000 on CoryPAC this year. And Booker was helped by NORPAC, a pro-Israel donor group. In April, for instance, NORPAC raised over $100,000 for the Senator-elect.

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