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Avraham Seidenwerg (1926-1993; also transliterated as "Seidenberg" or "Zeidenberg") was an Israeli agent involved what became known as the "Lavon Affair", a terrorist campaign in Egypt in the 1950s. He was also known as Avri Elad.

Seidenwerg was born in Vienna and moved to Palestine in 1939. After he was cashiered from the Israeli army for theft, he was recruited to Unit 131 by Motke Ben-Tsur in 1952.

Seidenwerg was sent to Egypt, using the name Paul Frank, to take over the organization of a spy ring from his predecessor, Avraham Dar. Seidenberg had been caught looting Arab property during the 1948 War in Palestine and had never been able to rehabilitate himself in public life. His marriage, too, was on the rocks, and thus he was quite happy to be offered something that could lead to new vistas and opportunities.

Seidenberg was first sent to Germany to establish a false identity as a former SS officer by the name of Paul Frank. He successfully infiltrated the ranks of the underground former Nazi network. He set out for Egypt in early 1954, his new identity established. Once he arrived in Egypt he began recruiting further members of the Egyptian Jewish community. ...

It is now believed that Seidenberg betrayed his recruits to the Egytpian intelligence services. (See this article.) Seidenberg, who denied any wrongdoing in the Lavon Affair, died in Los Angeles in 1993 after publishing a self-exonerating memoir.

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