Omar Sa’ad

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Omar Zahreddeen Mohammad Saad (1995-) is a violinist and conscientious objector from the village of Maghar. Omar is member of the Palestine Strings, a brainchild of Palestin's National Conservatory of Music, and he has performed at the Albert Hall in London.

Amnesty International reports (4 December 2013):[1]

Since he was a child, Arab-Israeli Omar Sa'ad knew turning 18 wasn't going to be easy. A few days after his birthday on 17 November, the Israeli army called his father and told him Omar was due to start his induction for military service on 4 December. The call wasn't surprising – military service is compulsory for most nationals in Israel – but what might happen today could mark him forever.
Today Omar will demonstrate his objection to participating in human rights violations by the Israeli army against Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It's a protest with a difference. He, his sister and two brothers, who together form the Galilee (string) Quartet, will play a rendition of "We wish you a Merry Christmas" in front of the office he must report to, after which he will refuse to enrol.
In response, it is highly likely that the army will arrest him and he will be sentenced to a minimum of 28 days' imprisonment, which could be renewed each time he refuses to serve. "I refuse to take an assault rifle and point it at another human being. I abhor this violence and everything connected to violence. I detest and hate all violence," he told Amnesty International. "I don't want to be part of the Israeli army because the Israeli government is responsible for the occupation [of the Palestinian Territories]. As an Arab Druze I consider myself part of the Palestinian people - so how can I be part of the army that occupies my people? I won't sell all my beliefs and my identity to anyone."

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