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Prime Minister’s Advisor for Arab Affairs

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  • Prime Minister's Adviser for Arab Affairs
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The Prime Minister's Advisor for Arab Affairs (19xx-1992) ... After the short-lived Ministry of Minority Affairs was closed in 1949, Arab-related matters were handled by an advisor on Arab affairs, including land matter, in the Prime Minister's Office. The functions of the advisor including chairing the Central Security Committee which controlled the Military Government , the unit that controlled the lives of Palestinian citizens of Israel until late 1966. ...

Holders of the office included:

The position was abolished by the Yitzhak Rabin government in late 1992, in accordance with a coalition agreement with the major "Israeli" Arab parties, who argued that, if the new government aspired to count them as equal citizens, they should be treated by the same official agencies as the rest of the population. The last incumbent, Alexander Bligh was described as being "forced out" of office in late October or early November 1992. Under the new arrangement, the director-general of the Prime Minister’s Office was to chair a committee of director-generals, representing all government ministries, to deal with issues that arose in the "Arab sector".

Later position with same name

Some time later (on a date not yet known to PIWP editors), another position with the same name was created.

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