Mwafaa Nafa’

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Patrick O. Strickland reports (23 December 2013):[1]

On Friday 13 December, three young men were greeted at a local municipality by a crowd of approximately 50 persons welcoming them home. They were returning to Shefa Amr, a Palestinian town in the Western Galilee region in the north of present-day Israel. The three had been arrested in late November. An Israeli court had banned them from entering their hometown for 15 days. Mwafaa Nafa', a 21-year-old activist from Shefa Amr, told The Electronic Intifada that he and the two others were also barred from having direct contact with one another for forty days. The three had been arrested while trying to ensure that businesses were respecting a town-wide general strike protesting an Israeli court's decision to imprison six Palestinian citizens of Israel over the killing of Eden Natan Zada.


Nafa' explained that on the day of the court sentencing, he and other young activists went across the town to check if businesses were complying with the general strike. "The only place open was the post office," he said. "They refused to close. When we were leaving, police pulled us over and asked to search the car. I asked if we look like vigilantes or criminals to them." They were subsequently arrested and taken to interrogation at the police station.

Lives "ruined"
Nafa' said that they were motivated to protest the court decision after seeing how the condemned suffered from "difficult emotional and psychological trauma. Their economic situation, their family lives, and their social lives were ruined. It's not about their political positions — they're humans and they're victims."

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