Olenka Frenkiel

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Olenka Frenkiel joined the BBC's News Training Scheme straight after completing her degree at Sussex University, and then went to work for BBC Belfast for two years. Moving on to the Today programme on Radio 4, she was a general reporter, before joining the teams for the world current affairs television programmes Newsnight and Assignment.

She was the first reporter on the Berlin Wall on November 8th, 1989 - and received one of the first bricks to be taken from it as the bulldozers moved in. Her television work on Assignment, and later its successor Correspondent, has included interviewing some of Italy's top anti-mafia judges, uncovering the roots of a boom in evangelical Protestantism in Brazil, and two films, Murder in Purdah and License to Kill, exposing the level of 'honour killings' of women in Pakistan.

She speaks five languages and is married with three children.

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