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Hazel Berman ... active in the Young Communist League in South Africa ... She was first wife of Arthur Goldreich - they, with their three children, were installed as the tenants of Lillieslief farm in Rivonia, north of Johannesburg, where the underground leadership of the banned ANC met secretly. ... Hazel Goldreich, still in detention, was at the hairdresser's when she read in a bound volume of the London Daily Mirror about her husband's escape. She was released three days short of her '90 days'. She subsequently divorced her husband and taught in Rosh Pinah, a primary school committed to Zionism in north London, for many years. She was still in London in August 1997.

Page 122 of this book, dated 1999, says:

Hazel Goldreich left South Africa in 1964, a year after her husband had escaped from detention in the police station in Marshall Square. In 1966, she and her two children moved from Israel to Britain. Her cousins put her up when she arrived and lined up a reaching job at Rosh Pinah . She worked there for 30 years.

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