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Rema Hammami teaches anthropology at Birzeit University and is director of the Women's Study Centre there. She is on the Advisory Board of Jerusalem Quarterly File. She is a regular contributor to, a rather dubious "dialog" website where hard core zionists ruminate together with some Palestinians. (see description of the website)

Her family lived in Jaffa but had to flee in 1948. Her father, Hassan Hammami, a teenage boy then, embarked a boat with his family, as did hundreds of families on May 10th 1948 and left Jaffa for the last time in the direction of the ship that took them to Beirut and permanent exile. As they embarked, gun shells were exploding all around them, spreading panic and mayhem.

You can listen to an interview with her and an Israeli woman social activist which was broadcast on WBUR (a National Public Radio affiliate station in Boston) on 24 June 2002.

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