‘Mick’ R O’Brien

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Corporal 'Mick' R. O'Brien (18xx-1916) of the Royal Welch Fusiliers ...

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One man buried here [Citadel Cemetery, south of Mametz on the D147 road between Fricourt and Bray-sur-Somme] is Corporal 'Mick' R O'Brien of the Royal Welch Fusiliers. It was this man that Siegfreid Sassoon carried in from No Mans Land on the night of the 25th of May 1916, for which he was later awarded the Military Cross that he later threw in the River Mersey as part of his protest against the War. Corporal O'Brien had been a regular raiding partner with Sassoon before that night, but Sassoon was not one of the raiding party on the 25th of May. However, he waited anxiously for the raiders to come back into the British lines, and then, when some did not return, against orders went out after them. With help, he dragged O'Brien back in, although the man was already dead when they reached safety.

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