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Israel's Media Watch is a hardline Zionist Israeli NGO -- as can be deduced from the fact Yuval Steinitz has been its president. It says the following about itself:

Israel's Media Watch represents a wide spectrum of the media-consuming public and maintains contact with its members, its supporters and the general public through a variety of means.

Starting in 2002, The Jerusalem Post ran an IMW column. This feature was written by Professor Eli Pollak, our chairman and Yisrael Medad our vice chairman. In October, the Posts new editor, Mr. David Horovitz decided to stop publishing the column; the explanation given among others was that the paper wants to take a more neutral political stand. IMW finds it difficult to reconcile this decision in light of the columns pertinent content which offered professional analyses and frequently presented information that had not been previously published in any other newspaper. Indeed, this column was praised by both ordinary readers and academics alike.

Hila Rapoport, IMWs director writes a weekly column which appears in Hazofes week-end supplement. Similarly, Moshik Kovarsky, a member of IMWs Board of Directors has a regular column called The Kovarsky Report that is printed in Makor Rishon.

The weekly radio program Broadcast Freedom coordinated by Board members Yisrael Medad and Rami Sadan which began in January of 1999 and was aired every Wednesday between 08:00 and 09:00 on Erutz 7 has been moved to Erutz 7s IS IT ERUTZ OR ARUTZ Internet site, The program focuses on current media events that arose during the preceding week. IMW chairman Eli Pollak also has a weekly slot on Radio Kol Hai every Friday at 07:50.

IMW maintains continuous contact with media journalists and provides them with media news and relevant reports. During the past year articles describing IMW activities have appeared in "Yedioth", Maariv, Haaretz, Globes, Hair, Hazofe, Makor Rishon and Besheva. Op-ed articles by IMW director Hila Rapoport have appeared on Maarivs op-ed page. IMW Board member Moshik Kovarsky is a frequent contributor to NFCs Internet site

IMW representatives also took part in radio and television shows bringing IMWs efforts to the publics attention. IMW spokesmen participated in programs such as Politica and Gilui Naot (TV Channel 1); Inyan Aher, Haboker Hazeh, Haarachat Matzav, Hakol Diburim and Hadara (Kol Yisrael radio); and on Arutz 7s morning and afternoon up-dates as well as Broadcast Freedom of course. IMWs award ceremony bestowing the Israel Media Criticism prizes for 2003 was televised live by the Israel Broadcasting Authoritys Channel 33.

Since its founding, IMW has issued twelve Gilui Ladaat (public/position assessments) in Hebrew and English which include reports of IMWs ongoing activities.

IMWs Internet site has been up-graded and now includes information about the Israeli media, IMWs initiatives, archival material and links to other relevant sites as well as a truly significant innovation: a complaint form that can be used by Net surfers to make direct contact with the various broadcasting authorities in an easy and simple format, to voice their comments or register their criticisms. This site is up-dated regularly.

IMW sends out reports to the membership of its electronic mailing list. Again, our e-mail address is:

A periodic up-date in English edited by Yisrael Medad is sent out to subscribers. Over fifty reports containing details of IMW activities as well as media news from Israel and the world have been disseminated so far.

In order to increase the publics awareness and stimulate interaction in all matters relating to media criticism, IMW members often participate in various symposiums. IMW organized a number of conferences to discuss media matters. A few of these events were:

Media consumers with complaints against the broadcasting authorities can request and receive assistance or advice from IMW. IMW also cooperates with other media organizations such as Manof which represents the Haredi community, and Palestinian Media Watch. Additionally, productive working relationships have been developed with other public interest bodies such as The Committee for Child Welfare, The Movement for Quality Government, The Israel Womens Network, Wizo , Naamat, Emunah and The Center for Jewish Pluralism.

IMW is also represented in the Israel Communications Association by Yisrael Medad.

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