Eli Pollak

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Eli Pollak is a hardline Zionist Israeli. He is (2004) chairman of Israel's Media Watch, a Zionist NGO which supports the settlements on the West Bank. He is also listed as an advisor to Israel Academia Monitor another hardline zionist organization seeking to undermine calls for a boycott of Israel and also to undermine academics critical of Israel.

Pollak, born in Haifa in 1950, is a Professor of Chemical Physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rechovot, where he specializes in molecular dynamics. Pollak developed the modern transition state theory and is the co-discoverer of a new type of chemical bonding. Fellow, American Physical Society. Meitner huHumboldt Research Award recipient, 1996. Appointed Member of Public Supervisory Council, Israel Broadcasting Authority, 1998. He is (2004) chairman of Israelís Media Watch. Founder and Chairman of Knesset Watch, a parliamentary lobby group which follows the voting record of Israel's Members of Knesset. Board Member, Professors for a Strong Israel, an advocacy group concerned with public affairs.

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